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Get behind the wheel of the Ultimate Driving Machine, the BMW.

Immerse yourself in the bold designs of the newest BMW models at the Vehicle Showcase. BMW is bringing our showroom to you, and putting vehicles on display so you can expand your knowledge of the latest BMW features and technology. It’s a first look at how BMW is going to the next level in design and innovation.

Unleash the power and precision of our first-ever BMW M440i xDrive Coupe as you maneuver through every corner, turn and curve of a challenging Autocross course. Test your skills and rev up the thrills for 90 minutes as a BMW Professional Driving Instructor provides tips and direction via radio, helping you push this high-performance driving machine to the limit and reach its peak potential.

Choose from a full lineup of the newest BMW models and the all-electric MINI Cooper SE and hit the road for the ultimate drive. Complimentary Street Drives let you grip the wheel and feel the excitement first-hand of driving the vehicle of your dreams through your local streets.

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