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Event Series Event Series: San Diego Cat Show

With more than 450 kittens and cats in competition, including 43 breeds, an agility course, onsite adoptions and more, the San Diego Cat Show is the Super Bowl of Cat Competitions!

  • A beauty contest with up to 450 exotic cats from all over the US.
  • 8 Independent judges come from around the US. The 8 judges and 4 classes of judging result in 38 Best In Show finals spread throughout the weekend.
  • All the judging rings are active throughout the show hours. The judges judge all the cats over the 2 days but in different order. So kittens will be some rings,while adults or Household Pets in other rings..
  • Pedigree Cat Competition: Up to 450 cats of 42 unique breeds You will see cats with short hair, long hair, and almost no hair. Cats with folded ears, no tail and of course beautiful fluffy Persians
  • Household Pet Competition: spayed/neutered non-pedigree family cats.